Privacy Policy

Privacy and data protection policy

In the tourist agency Burjatik, Zupanciceva ulica 1c, 5270 Ajdovscina, Slovenija, we respect your privacy and we commit ourselves to protect your personal data that you give through registration form, according with Personal Data Protection Law, the GDPR regulation and a statement defining the methods used in connection with the protection, collection and use and transmission of personal data.

Your personal data will be used for:

– keeping records of statistics

– for smooth running of the agency programs,

– posts on social networks (facebook, instagram, twitter),

– informing members about new programs and projects of the agency.

Personal data acquired by the agency:

– Name and surname,

– date of birth,

– address,

– e-mail,

– telephone.

All of the above mentioned data is permanently stored at the agency headquarters. The agency may use the data in an anonymous summarized form for statistical analysis purposes. The agency may use the data for the purpose of reporting and applying on different calls for funding. In its primary form, the agency uses data for the smooth running of programs and statistics. In case of problems or unclearness in organizing the programs, we reserve the right to contact the visitor through e-mail, social network or telephone, in order to resolve the problems. The collected personal data will in no case be handed over to unauthorized persons.

The data collected and processed by the agency will be disclosed if such an obligation is specified in the law or in good faith that such action is necessary for proceedings at the courts or other state bodies and for the protection and realization of the legitimate interest of the agency.

The data entered by the visitor into the registration form is permanently stored in a computer system that is properly protected. We will not be held responsible for any »intrusion« into a computer system.

Photo and video material generated during the visit is used for our own and wider promotion only with the previously signed statement on the use of photographs that visitors sign on the start of the visit.

Whenever you can request:

– correction of your personal data by submitting a written request to the address:

– permanent deletion of personal data that we keep about you, by sending a written request to the address:

– export and access to collected personal data by sending a written request to the address:

In case of any questions, concerns of suggestions regarding our collection and use of your personal data, please contact us at:

Burjatik d.o.o.,

Zupanciceva ulica 1c

5270 Ajdovscina


Telefon: 040 166 042



Ajdovscina, 23. Maj 2018



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