Vipava Valley Wine Experience

Honor the wine, earth and nature that you may live long and you will feel well on earth.” Welcome to the unique wine – culinary experience of the Vipava Valley. Welcome in the land of vineyards, in the place where the Slovenian national anthem was born and get the chance to do like the locals do.

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Meet 2 winemakers / Explore 2 winecellars


When: every Monday, Wednesday and Friday or upon request (all year round)

Duration: day tour cca. 5-6 hours (minimum 2 persons)

Price: send inquiry

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  •  pick up & drop off at your location
  •  experienced tour guide/driver for small groups
  •  guided ride along the hidden beauties of the Vipava valley
  •  explore 2 carefully selected wineries of the region
  •  meet the local winemakers
  •  learn about wine production and local culture
  •  wine tasting & sampling from wooden barrels (cca. 5 samples in each cellar)
  •  slovenian tapas with delicious local home-made food in each cellar
  •  relaxed atmosphere in a good company and singing with a glass of excellent wines
  •  guided sightseeing tours of local attractions *onrequest
  •  duration and program of the wine tour can be shaped to your desires *onrequest




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“Wine is like music, where the farmer is a musician, soil is an instrument and tradition is poetry. While respecting the tradition, vines and soil we can reach the concert of excellence.”

Miha Batič, winemaker


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