Hand Harvesting of Wine Grapes (Experience B'ndima)

The picking of grapes is one of the most crucial steps in the process of winemaking. Be part of authentic grape harvesting experience in Vipava valley. Experience age-old method of picking grapes by hands, sing and make jokes with cheerful grape-pickers so as savour delicious local tapas and excellent wines from Vipava valley. Celebrate b’ndima/grape harvesting in our company.

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Hand Harvesting of Wine Grapes


When: from begining of September to begining of October

Duration: day tour cca. 5-6 hours (minimum 2 persons)

Start: depend on the weather

Price: send inquiry

Note: #relaxinnature



  •  pick up & drop off at your location
  •  guided ride along the hidden beauties of the Vipava valley
  •  meeting the winemaker’s family, hand-picking of wine grapes (1-2 hours)
  •  snack with home-made local food in the vineyard or late lunch with local family wine producers
  •  learning about wine production, local traditions and culture
  •  wine tasting in the wine cellar
  •  relaxed atmosphere with locals
  •  guided sightseeing tours of local attractions *onrequest
  •  duration and program can be shaped to your desires *onrequest


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“Be and live like a vine. Search the space and not the objects for your life.”



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